The Smartest Way to Buy Glasses

Free In-House or 30% off Brand Name Frames

Choose from our selection of FREE Second Specs brand frames, or purchase from our many exciting lines of designer frames like Ray-Ban and Oakley. All backed with a one year warranty. You can even use your existing frame! 



 Ready in as Little as 30 Minutes

Depending on your needs, choose from Single Vision, Bi-Focal, Progressive or Safety Lenses. 

We also offer high performance Digital Free Form Progressive lenses. Single Vision options made while you wait.




Anti-Reflective and Blue Light Protection

Choose from our extensive options including Anti-reflective or blue light protective coatings, Polycarbonate and High-Index Lenses, Transition effects, Polarized sunglasses and more.  Choose the combination that's right for your needs!


Fast, Affordable, Quality Eyewear

We are taking the hassles out of buying prescription glasses.

When you buy glasses at regular opticals they can be expensive. When you buy glasses online you have to wait for them to arrive in the mail and often they don't look or fit right. 


At Second Specs, things are different:


  • Our frame and single vision lenses start at only $78, our frame and progressive lenses start at only $176. 


  • We have onsite opticians ensuring that every pair of glasses are correctly measured and adjusted to fit properly.


  • Our single vision eyewear can be ready in as little as 30 minutes. 


  • For every pair of glasses we sell, we donate one pair of glasses to someone in need through Canadian Vision Care. 




Second Specs - the smartest way to buy prescription glasses.


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