Multifocal & Super High Index

Some prescriptions take us a little longer to make.  If you have a high prescription, need progressive lenses, safety glasses or sunglasses you are still in luck!  We offer amazing low prices similar to online stores, but it will take us a few business days.  Using our off-site lab, we can still offer high plus or minus prescriptions;  Bifocal and Progressive lenses; Prescription Safety Glasses; Polarized and Transition lenses and even high end coatings.


We typically cannot do prescriptions over -8.00 or +4.00 same day. We also cannot usually do prescriptions with greater than 2.00 diopters of astigmatism same day. If you have a progressive or bifocal correction we can still make them for the lowest price in town, but it usually takes 7-10 days.


Visiting from out of town? Our staff will take all the appopriate measuments on site and preadjust the glasses to your face.  Your order will be shipped directly to your home or work using priority post.

If they need further adjusting, simply come back and see us or your local optical for a tune-up.


                 Bifocal Options                                     

Lined Bifocal Lenses






Progressives & Digital Free Form Progessives

Digital Progressive Lenses



Digital Free Form Progressives


-Improves visual clarity

-Improves contrast perception

-Exceptional night / low-light vision

-More comfortable vision

-Less peripheral distortion

-Wider Intermediate and Reading

               High Index Options                              

1.67 Index



1.74 Index 



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