Choose your Add-ons

Choose from our options to create your perfect glasses.

All our lenses have a standard Scratch Resistant Coating.


Upgrade to Anti-Reflective Coating - $50

Improves the vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic


Upgrade to Blue Light protection Anti-Reflective Coating - $90

Blue light lens coatings reduce vision strain caused by computer screens and devices. Many also report better sleep with the use of blue light protection as well.


Upgrade to Polycarbonate Lenses - $50

Lighter, thinner, Impact Resistant and blocks 100% of harmful UV rays to better protect your eyes.


Upgrade to 1.6 Index lenses - $80

Lighter, Thinner lenses with exceptional clarity. Blocks 100% of UV rays to better protect your eyes.


Combine and save -Both Anti-reflective and Polycarbonate - $90


Upgrade to Transitions - $90

Automatically adjusts based on lighting conditions.  Available in Grey or Brown.


Upgrade to Polarized Sunglasses - $78

Available in Grey or Brown.