Helping the World see better.

One set of glasses at a time.

For every pair of glasses purchased at Second Specs, we donate towards eyecare and eyewear for someone in need.   There are over a billion people in the world in need of glasses. Canadian Vision Care was founded over thirty years ago and has donated millions of dollars in glasses, eye care and surgical services to underserved communities around the world.  Partnering with the Lion's Club, this is is one of the most effective and efficient eye care charities we have worked with.


In addition to simply donating, we also participate in the eyecare trips ourselves by providing eye exams and properly measuring and fitting patients glasses.


In North America we often take eye care or even access to reading glasses for granted.  For many people, the loss of near vision after the age of forty can make it impossible to have a livelihood. A small donation can make a big change for these people.


A priority of Canadian Vision Care is children's vision.  80% of learning is visual.  Children that cannot see are often thought to be lazy or unintelligent.  Watching a child get their first pair of glasses and finally see is awesome.  It is a gift that changes lives.


The donations also reduce the charity's glasses expenses allowing for more funding available for equipment, drops and surgical supplies.  The other thing we really like about Canadian Vision Care is that all of the travel and services are 100% donated by the eye care providers that participate in the humanitarian missions.


At Second Specs, we hope every optical and optometry clinic will join us in this effort.  Together we can make an immeasurable difference.